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Facebook Now Lets People Call Businesses From News Feed Ads

by Michael Seriosa
in Blog
The largest social network medium adds “Call Now” button, enhancing the local awareness ad program for local businesses. Facebook has launched this handy feature for local business advertisers last October 2014 They also added a new call-to-action button for News Feed ads: a “Call Now” button that enables people to telephone a business directly from the News Feed ad. Mobile customers who tap the button are re-directed to their phone dialer, which they can click to call the business.   The new feature is part of Facebook’s “local awareness” objective, which the company launched in October 2014 and bills as […]

A Story of Two Friends with Two Different Outcomes In Life

by Michael Seriosa
facebook twitter google+ Have you ever wondered how can two siblings who lives in the same house, with the same set of parents and same sets of dreams could end up with a totally opposite future. Here’s a story of two friends who had big dreams but only one was able to reach it. If you would like to learn more about developing a passive cashflow pipeline, call Michael Seriosa at 775-830-2166.

Unbroken – Motivational Video

by Michael Seriosa
facebook twitter google+ Fear kills dreams. Fear kills hope. Fear puts people in the hospital. Fear can age you. Can hold you back from doing something that you know within yourself that you’re capable of doing but it will paralyze you. If you don’t discipline and contain your emotions they will use you.

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

by Michael Seriosa
I read before that if you want to connect with you audience while you’re speaking – speak to them in a 4th grade level. Well… Here’s a funny video on how good leaders ask great questions. Enjoy!

What is Gary Vaynerchuk’s Secret to Success?

by Michael Seriosa
facebook twitter google+ It’s amazing how you can learn a lot just by listening to people. Both successful people have excuses… The difference is, unsuccessful people make excuses to quit and successful people chose to keep going until they succeed. Both excuses but only one road leads to a life of significance and abundance.