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We Are The Only Trenchless No-Dig Experts In The Reno-Tahoe Area!
We can help renew your sewer without digging and have your new sewer line in hours in the right budget!
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About Us
Easy Rooter has been providing superior service since 1979. Based in Sparks, NV the company also serves Reno, Carson City, Susanville, Fernley, Fallon and Truckee, CA. We offer a diversity of services – so, whether your problem is plumbing, heating, drain or septic, Easy Rooter can handle it. Click Here to see our available services for you.

Easy Rooter is fully licensed to perform a variety of services:
Plumbing Classification C-1 Cont # 026656A
Excavating Classification A-15 Cont #28634

Trenchless No-Dig Technology
Here’s how it works: 1) Our manufacturer-trained technicians view your pipes from the inside, using a miniature TV camera & all blockages and debris are cleaned out. 2) Next, the DrainLiner felt tube, saturated in a special epoxy resin, is inverted into your existing pipes with compressed air. The air pressure allows the liner to fit tightly against the existing pipe wall, where if then cures and hardens completely within hours. 3) Once hardened, any smaller pipes that feed into your repaired pipes are internally cut open to restore flow. 4) the result is a renewed pipe-within-a-pipe that performs as reliably, if not better, than a replacement pipe – all without digging!

Reno Sewer Cleaning
Many of the countless pipes beneath our Reno, Sparks homes and streets are very old. Though very durable–typically made of cast iron or terra cotta–these structures are not invulnerable to disruption caused by exterior sources. Roots commonly cause clogs which require professional sewer line cleaning from a professional Reno, Sparks sewer line cleaning company, like Easy Rooter Plumbing.
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Easy Rooter Plumbing Homeowner Maintenance Video Tips!
Watch the videos below to learn a few homeowner maintenance tips
Home Maintenance Video Tip 1
Water heater tip that you can use to avoid major issues.
Home Maintenance Video Tip 2
Important toilet leak tip without calling any plumber.
Home Maintenance Video Tip 3
How to save gallons of water by using this home maintenance tip.
Reno Plumber Reviews
This video is helpful before you call any plumbers for help.


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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

My sink drains very slowly, backs up or overflows.

Stop using your sink and try to clear the obstruction with a force cup. If necessary, turn off the water supply valves below your sink. You may have a blocked drain. Contact us to fix your sink or lavatory using the proper tools and equipment.

My faucet drips when it is shut off or it won’t turn off all the way.

You should locate the water supply valves on your sink and turn them to the off position.
The stems in your faucet may be deteriorating. This is evident when washers, “o” rings or cartridges become worn out or broken. The worn parts in your sink need to be replaced, and all of its mechanisms should be checked. You may want to consider replacing your faucets if they are old or inefficient.

My sink or lavatory won’t hold any water.

Try looking down your drain to see if you spot hair or any other foreign matter. If you do, remove it from the drain if possible. The pop-up drain or basket strainer in your sink or lavatory has worn down and become inefficient. The problem may also be caused by a loose lift rod connection. The hair and soap scum should be removed as soon as possible. Next, the assembly nut connecting the waste mechanism to the lavatory drain should be tightened. If the waste assembly or basket strainer is inefficient, they should be replaced with new equipment.

My toilet overflows.

The first thing you need to do is locate the water supply valve on the toilet and switch if to the off position. It is very important that you not try to flush the toilet again. For water that is already on the ground, soak it up with several dry towels. Before you try any plumbing repair solutions, place your bathroom rugs and other objects in another location. You may wish to try using a plunger. There is most likely a septic tank problem or an obstruction in your toilet or sewer line. Your septic tank should be pumped out by a professional, and/or your toilet and sewer should be cleaned.