I have been doing teespring for a while now and its about time I shared all my tips and tricks with our internet marketing community.

This is gonna be a long guide as I am going to try to cover as much as I can so please bear with me. Also I am going to give out all the tools I use as well so you won’t have any issues with designs/ads etc.

Okay so lets get started.

First of all you will need to do some niche research. This is how I like to do it.

Click here and you will get whats selling as of now. So now you know whats selling right now and you can easily design a tee design or heck just copy the text and change up the design. Its pretty simple.

Well I don’t want anyone to give up just because you might have to spend hours researching so I will just give you some evergreen niches to work with.

A) Engineering
B) Nurse
C) Divers
D) Bikers
E) Tattoos
F) Celebs
G) Trends

Those are some ever green niches that will always sell and the market is so huge so anyone can get it with a new tee design and bank. Always remember to cash in on whats trending. Lets make it even simpler with an example. Right now gay marriage has been approved in America. So simply make a tee with ” Love Wins ” and I guarantee you will sell at least 20 to 50 tees today.

Example –

The key is to find a design in a niche where the people are passionate about. Also lets say you have idea for a niche and you want to test it. Its also really simple. Go over to teeview and type in your keyword. Suppose your tee idea is in the weight loss niche. Type it in and see what are the stats. Remember if someone was able to sell something so can you.

Teeview is more then enough to do some killer research.

Okay next up designing. Here are your options –

1) If you are a good designer then you can design in PS yourself
2) You can use Teespring’s custom designer
3) Hire someone from Fiverr/99 designs

I have my own team so its not an issue for me. But since you are just getting started I will highly recommend Fiverr then expand from there. If you really believe in your idea 99 designs is the way to go because remember you will only need one winning design and you will bank hard!

Now that you have your design ready upload it to Teespring but what is the best desciption/colors/pricing etc. No worries I will give you exactly what works best.

Description –

“Supplies Are Limited

Not Sold In Stores

Guaranteed safe and secure checkout via: Paypal | VISA | MASTERCARD

Click Reserve It Now to pick your size/style/color and order”

Color –

Black is most converting color unless you are going for a female based niche where pink is the most converting one.

Pricing –

This is not an IM product where 7 is the magic number. Your pricing has to be generic. Ideal price points are $19.95, $22.95, $24.95. It will vary from niche to niche but I am sure you got the point.

Time Frame –

7 days. It gives you the perfect time to test out your design as to what is the conversion rate and how is the response.

Now that you have your tee ready its time to promote the shit out of your tee. So lets cover the marketing aspect of it.

Facebook Advertising –

You must create a Facebook page that’s in the same niche as the tee shirt you’re trying to sell.

Ad Creation

500px X 500px shirt on white background/ad image no border/red border
PPE (post page engagement)

Upload image to fan page and write following copy:

Limited-Edition – Not Sold In stores
Buy here=> [insert_URL_here]
Also available in other styles:
Buy here => [insert_URL_here]

Choose newsfeed only

Set ad budget to $20/day on the first day (after 12pm set budget to $10 to gain edge rank, then $20 the next day).

Kill at $5 if you DO NOT have a 6-8% C.T.R. and make sure that 10% of “Likes” are commenting/tagging their friends and sharing. Keep going if you have one sale.

Kill at $10 if you haven’t sold a single shirt. Keep at $10 if you have.

Kill at $20 if you have only sold 1 (or multiple shirts) from one single order. Keep going if you have sold 2 (or multiple shirts) from two or more orders.

If you don’t sell but still getting a high C.T.R (8%+) and low PPE (.02-.05) you know your design is bad.

After countless testing these are the rules that work best and you can be positive you will get a huge ROI if you do this right.

Target Audience

Search in Facebook Audience Insights for female rich niches as females buy a lot more tees then men.
High affinity score (no less than 30)
Age: 21-45
Activity > Ad clicks: Above 30%
Size 100,000-200,000 (scale up later on)
Save Audience
Graph Search “interests” and then click on pages for a huge list of ideas
Do not choose interests with capital letters only lower case (precise interests).
Blogs, websites, forums, reports are PASSIONATE.
Once you have a hungry audience keep showing them new shirts!

Click here for my Facebook Ad Precision Targeting Cheat-Sheet.

Also don’t forget to add a conversion pixel and a retargeting pixel to your campaign.

Next is scaling up

If you really want to make the big bucks you have scale up. You have to keep rolling out new designs and tweak and test your ads. Also the biggest factor to remember is you will need ONE winning design to cash in. Trust me on this one as I have done it myself. Doesn’t matter if you lose thousands on ads; that one design will bring in 10x the money you will lose. The trick is to finding new audience for your tee which is also really simple if you choose the right niche.

Final Words

Don’t be afraid of testing your tee idea. You will be surprised as to what kind of tees has sold  for me. You can make 1 generic tee page for all your tees or go for a niche based approach. If you choose the second option keep increasing the fan base so in the future you can post a link a link and you will get instant sales. Now go on and TAKE ACTION!